Monday, December 15, 2008

Moving up a Notch
Try to move up a notch,
As we approach each day.
Things need not be perfect,
Asking for help, as we pray.
Perfect 10’s are hard to come by,
Could be counted on one hand.
Taking charge of our own life,
Making forward motion a demand.
Remember to move from 5 to 6,
Can make a difference in life.
It’s not the mighty jumps,
That helps manage our strife.
It’s the important little baby steps,
Which teaches us, how to grow.
Moving up just one small notch,
Will help us more, than we know.
Just think of the great days,
When we make it to an eight.
Starting with a six or seven,
Ending the day without debate.
So lets try to move each day.
Up just one notch or two.
Knowing we have made progress,
Small amounts of effort,
changes our view.
--Tom Baker

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